About Us

Zapdesk is a Technology based solution provider for various Industries Globally. Zapdesk focuses on Empowering Qualified talent, to Provide Best in Class Services by Delighting Customers Globally. The key differentiator is our ability to deliver High Quality Service @ Competitive costs and a unique Organizational & work Culture. Zapdesk currently has its registered office in Wilmington, Delaware, and the captive center in silicon city Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

Zapdesk is the brain child of a group of Professionals who have had extensive experience of working in Global organizations. With exposure to Global Practices at leadership and strategic levels, it has been our conscious endeavour to build a one-of-its-kind, culture driven organization. Our model is unique as it caters to the Economic and Social aspirations of our clients.

We at Zapdesk understand that satisfying our customer’s customer is a key measurement and this drives our journey towards Operational Excellence. A system driven Governance, Technology based tools and an Agile environment are catalyst to this goal. Efficient and Transparent Delivery models pave the way for a Hand-In-Glove partnership with our clients. A structured approach to Process Life Cycle Management ensures Predictability in Operations. Innovative Practices combined with the pursuit of Operational Excellence gives us the delivery edge.


To be Known for delivering best in class Business Solutions through Customer-Centric Approach


One stop solution to all business needs by leveraging technology and people expertise thus helping Companies to focus on the core business which will enable to grow the market share.

Our Values

Strong culture of operations efficiency, open and immediate feedback, minimum turnaround, and technical skills, delivers measurable and sustained value to customers. Our customer relationships are strategic and long term.





State of The Art Technology


All centers support independent data storage.

Real time data back-up and encryption across all centers.

Data management for Business Continuity Planning & Disaster Recovery.


24/7/365 CCTV surveillance.

Photography, email and internet access at operations centers is restricted by policy.

Two level workstation authentication for process specialists and agents.


All centers are scalable and can easily allow for a 60% increase in staff.

Quick access to industry qualified candidates.

Substantial spare seat capacity and additional centers for commissioning as required.


All centers have redundant connectivity to ensure 99.9% uptime.

Independent, secure, fire-walled and encrypted VPNs for each customer process.

IP Telephony and multiple VOIP lines.

Our Differentiators

Engagement models built around your specific requirements

Value Driven Outsourcing

Transition Plan


Client & Zapdesk
Team Jointly

Client & Zapdesk
Team Jointly

Client Team
Zapdesk Transition Team

Client Mgt Rep
Zapdesk Ops Team

Key Activities

Understand Client Processes.
Identify Control Objectives.
Assessment of People.
Process Technology.

Prepare Documentation.
Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).
Identify Solution & Costing.
Confirm & Validation from Client.
Prepare Process Implementation plan.

Adapt Processes plan.
Document Operating plan.
Confirm Performance.
Client Acceptance.

Operations accepts Service responsibility.
Audit plan put in place.
SLA Acceptance.


Document Project Scope.
Mapping Key Activities.
Capture Business benefits.
Discuss with Client and Sign off on plan.

As –is Process mapping document.
Solution document developed.
Process implementation plan.
Performance Document.

Operating plan.
Performance requirement document. Ramp Up.
Quality Plan.
Knowledge transfer.

Pilot process kickoff.
Continuous performance monitoring by Client.
Publish periodic scorecard.







Agreed sampling size from pilot to steady state

Monthly quality review with LOB’s

Increased sampling plan, monthly report and external audited details shared

Increased sampling during change management/new agent/ quality issues

Training & Certification

  • All centers are scalable and allow for a 60% increase in staff.
  • Quick access to industry qualified candidates.
  • Established recruitment, training, and on-boarding processes for fast ramp up to handle surges